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Who are we.

Litecristal Zimbabwe is an organisation that specialize in sustainable energy solutions that are guaranteed to improve our clients's needs and energy use. Our reason of existance is to harness our skills and experience to develop projects with a strong value proposition for our clients, that utilize sustainable energy-energy that is accesssible, clean and more-efficient in order to converse our natural resources and preserve the environment while promoting economic development. Litecristal Zimbabwe is a member of LiteAfrique Group.


To become leader in exploring new technologies and their deployment to harness renewable energy, environmental stewardship and job creation.

Our Services

Reliable and affordable services we offer..

Project LED

Litecristal LED

We assemble LED lights for both indoor and outdoor lighting which for both commercial and residential properties.

Project Glow

Fosforcolor Africa

Litecristal provides light were there is darkness using free energy with non radioactive photolumincent products. we have products like mosaic tiles, paints, tshirts, pebbles, safety jackets etc..

Project Solar

LitePower Africa

We also construct solar power plants as well as domestic and commercial renewable solar systems using solar pv technology, which are affordable and reliable.


Projects undertaken.

Meet the Team

Below is our Litecristal Afrique team.


Johannes Simau



Khutsafalo Sibanda



Essie Phiri

South Africa


Eratso Mlaya


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Contact Info


Ruwa Ave, Waterfalls
Harare, Zimbabwe




+263 8644 061 870 Zimbabwe
+267 723 68 065 Botswana
+258 846 268 673 Mozambique
+277 494 10 689 South Africa
+255 712 222 833 Tanzania

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